The Multidisciplinary Center serves pre-school and school-aged children who are experiencing severe and/or complex academic, medical, and/or behavioral/emotional problems. Children and their families are referred by twenty school districts in the Florida Panhandle, and other state and community agencies.

Services for Children Include:

Diagnostic Evaluations

  • psychological assessment of children and adolescents
  • specialized evaluations of children suspected of having an Autism Spectrum Disorder, or Attention Disorder
  • specialized evaluations for bilingual children
  • audiological, speech and language evaluations

Therapeutic Interventions and Consultation

  • school-based individual and group mental health services with children and adolescents
  • participation on school-based intervention teams
  • academic and behavioral consultation with teachers and school personnel
  • referral to and collaboration with appropriate community-based agencies or resources

It is expected that Center activities will result in increased achievement for individual children; acquisition of alternative teaching strategies and behavior management techniques for teachers; improved parenting skills; more sophisticated diagnostic techniques for children; improved working relationships between school districts and the University; better awareness of physiological contributors to learning and behavior problems in children, and research findings appropriate to improve public education.